13 Jul 2011


Forget neon. The yellow-based colour I've been craving this season is mustard. This gorgeous silk vintage number was my first Etsy purchase and it feels just as deliciously soft and buttery as it appears in pictures. 
If any NSW residents are attending Splendour in the Grass this year, they should check out this radtastic mixtape featuring a lot of the artists playing. Even if you're not going, have a listen!


Daly said...

Love this top! Sometimes, neon is just too harsh, and I love how this shade looks with your hair and skin tone! LOVELY! If you have time, please check out my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow back, that would be amazing! I'm holding a giveaway, and it would be awesome if you got to participate!



Christina Wonsbeck said...

lovely pictures ! and thanks for your sweet comment :)

Elisa said...

lovely pictures, i love your top and your shoes!



TheMadTwins said...

great pictures! Love the top, and the color is very nice!
Your nail are also awesome :P

xxx London

Mónica C. Welton said...

great outfit!


Cecylia said...

I love mustard too, it goes with so many things. Love your photos in the playground!
Come follow my blog hun :)

Kockandy said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, your blog is perfect and you are so beautiful, I just follow :)!, you, too, if you want :)

Martina said...

These pics are wonderful! Great blog
Thanks for visiting! Follow each other?

Sandra said...

O lovely blog! I really like your style, I clicked "Like it" on a Facebook fnpage so I'll be in connect with your blog and I'll visti him ofetn as well! :)

Gorete Sousa said...




Dominika P. said...

great photos



these photos are divine :))) love it all! very pretty top and i am bonkers for the nail polish! thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment :)))

Erika Lee Sears said...

i am loving yellow this season too :) so cute- isnt etsy addicting?

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

you can never go wrong with mustard! i love the top because of the delicate fabric, creates a lovely effect! gorgeous with the black

Lou said...

Love this photos, they have a very soft feel to them.

Great top.


moonstruck-expose said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I am so happy to have discovered yours now! It is fantastic! your photos are gorgeous and your writing is hilarious, refreshing and totally readable-- love love love it!

I am following you now!!! :) can't wait to keep up with you, babe.

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

Sophia said...

love the mustard! and the vintage tint to the photos, so lovely!

thanks for stopping by my bloooog, im a new follower to yours!
where are you from?


CINDY NGO said...

i love yellow!... especially mustard yellow.

you have amazing photos! what camera/lens do you use?

thanks for visiting! hope to hear from you again soon. i'd love to have you as a follower. i'm following you now :)


Tere said...

amazing your yello dress, is really nice!

have a nice day!!


cuteredbow said...

Mustard is the new black ? :) You look great ! Love this outfit ! Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog !


aelie said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm loving your blog, now following :)

Love your boots! xx

Monroe Steele said...

really cool photos. thanks for visiting my blog!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Annabelle Fleur said...

Love your mustard top! Absolutely gorgeous look and of course the pics are amazing! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


thereformedwanderer said...

love your mustard vintage top!!! and your nailpolish colour :)

thanks for your comment!
wanna follow each other?

Vanessa said...

oh thank you :)
i love your photos, you are really pretty!

Sada said...

LOVE the dreamy feeling of these photos. So perfect for a vintage mustard silk top! The color is amazing and I also really like your ring & the nailpolish color! Lovely!
Dressology HQ

amalie said...

cuute top! love your neon nails x

Maebe Isadora said...

totally cool. loving the blog by the way.

Flaviana Boni said...

cool blog dear!
im following via bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)
Dress up for armageddon

Martina said...

The first picture is amazing, seriously, simple amazing, it looks like taken from a magazine. and I agree with you, lt's forget about neon for a while, mustard is much more interesting!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

love this top on you!
looks so stunning!

New outfit post - Get your rock on

Chic Escape said...

I really like the color of the top. And I adore the bright orange nail polish :)

NEONblack said...

Loving your blog and style missy! Now following you on Bloglovin, hope you do the same xx


Pauliné said...

thanks soo much, i love the coulou of your top, pictures are cool too! blog is really perfect. lots of love!

.sabo skirt. said...

We are loving mustard yellow pieces too!!


Thessy & Yiota


Brooke said...

Yeah baby, let's hear it for Sydneysider blogs! 'Specially cos you loves the mustard!!!


Coop said...

Pretty pictures ♥ http://fmum.blogspot.com/ (;

Little Petite Blog said...

Cute, I love the color yellow:)
The Little Petite

Anonymous said...

Such a vibrant colour, its wonderful! and stunning photographs also, so summery.

BlueVanilla said...

beautiful photos! Mustard looks fabulous on you!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Amélie said...

- Enjoy Your Outfit Gurl !
See U Soon In My Blog


Anigiri said...

Thanks for stopping by! :D
That soft silk top combined with ripped up denim is just awesome!

May I ask what kind of bodylotion you use? Your skin looks nice and glowy.

Bang and Buck said...

Erika - etsy is SO addictive... and I thought I'd just quashed my eBay addiction :(

Soph - I'm from Sydney, Australia

Cindy - we use Canon 7D and Canon 50mm fixed lens

Anigiri - I use Firming Body Lotion, by Nivea.

Coop said...

It´s amazing :D

Gemma said...

Love the top and love so much its color!!
Cheap is Chic

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so cute. x hivenn

Nikola un Liene said...

Hey really nice photos...:*

Stephanny Torres said...

Estou seguindo. Segue de volta?


Stephanny Torres said...

Estou seguindo. Segue de volta?


dimitri said...

Your blog is really nice and interesting.
Your style is great.
Those pictures are so lovely.

Style Dilettante said...

Enjoying the mustard with ketchup nails!


Tere said...

i really love this photos, are amazing and nice!

have a good day!


Marielleheart said...

Love the last picture, mustard colord tops are great and the nailpolish and ring are awesome!

Le said...

the first photo is.. <33

Kirsten said...

Love mustard! Looks so good on you!

Anonymous said...

it's definitely cute and it goes nicely with your skin tone. :)

thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm following you now via GFC!

xoxo, Bree


Dale said...

I definitely agree with you. I really like the mustard color and it's a refreshing break from all the neon. I really like your nail color too and rings! Great post!

Following you now


mirjam schuurkamp said...

looks too good on you:)
love the look babe

New outfit post-Your boyfriend gave me this tshirt

cryskay said...

lovely photos. im a fan of a mustard yellow. etsy is the best! xx

TheMadTwins said...

Love these pictures! They have such a nice vintage effect! The yellow color looks great!

Ps: Join our giveaway

Sara said...

like it! :)

If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

Anonymous said...

Yellow! Ahaha it reminds me to my old friend who loved yellow a lot! But I need to acknowledge yellow is such a cheerful color :D

Alicia said...

Really beautiful photos, I love that mustard shade of yellow too :)
Mundo de Alicia ❤

Incognito said...


I just discovered you blog and I happen to like it. Those photos are beautiful and I noticed your ring on the last one. I have the exact same one, I bought it on Asos but unfortunately it's loosing it's color now.
Anyway nice choice of color, this mustard shade is exactly what I'd need here in France where it's been raining for abotu a week now =)

Absolute B. from Incognito

Leonie said...

Great pictures and the top is beautiful. I actually though that the first pic was from an editorial piece ;-)


akiko said...

Love your mustard top and you look pretty in it. Great photos too!!

ISABELLE said...

Gorgeous look!
Love it!



Mary Lou said...

mustard is gonna be my autumn colour, it looks so gorgous!!! love your top and thanks for your lovely comment

love and kiss,mary


Anonymous said...

This is HOT HOT HOT! Loving that nail polish! :)


Nathalia said...

super cool the pictures!!

if you like step by my blogs..

Viaggio Della Farfalla
The Key Item

Marie My said...

love the shirt and the ailpolish a lot! I love when colours that close to each other are mixed!

love, Marie My from www.nemesisbabe.blogspot.com

Julia F. said...

Oh my god! How much I love this color and the pics! You look amazing and vintage! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! I follow you! Kisses

Peppie said...

i love mustard and these photos are divine...

♥, peppie

Trips & Treasures said...

thank you for your comment :)

Really like the colour of this top !


goodbadnfab said...

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mc said...

also love this post!!

Guille Rubio said...

Great shoots! Orange neon is the new trend!


Take a look!x

Anna said...

love these shots!!