1 Jan 2012


I brought in the New Year relatively low key this New Years Eve (in fact, so low key I was passed out and under the covers before midnight). It was a nice change though, to be at home with my family and beau. These are some happy snaps from last night: delish fruity cocktails, mum's scrum chicken parmy and fun snaps with loved ones. Happy New Year all! Thanks for supporting me and this blog in its first year.


Francesca said...

Babe - just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS and thanks for all your support and awesomeness in 2011 ^__^ xx


Cool Vanity said...

Lovely pictures.
Happy New Year for you and your family. Kisses.

Elisa said...

the top looks gorgeous! cute pics. happy new year!


beryl said...

everything looks so yummy ahahah :) happy new year!

xx, thefashionenthusiast1.blogspot.com

inmyhansonshirt said...

This looks like a fun night! Happy New Year!

Sandalia Azul said...

happy new year! following u!

WhatWillErinWear said...

All that fruit looks so yummy! Happy New Year xo

Bianca said...

love low key intimate parties...happy new year!

C A T H said...

thx for the comment :) love reading your very interesting blog ! all the best for 2012 too xoxo


Irene's Closet said...

Beautiful pics and nice blog :)

My blog: Irene's Closet

Leeloo's said...

love the glitter details :)!

Jane J said...

Happy new year :) thank you for the lovely comment

jas said...

love your sparkly top. happy new yr!


PalermoStreetstyle said...

wow love your blog!Thanks 4 visite mine ;)
Happy 2012


Inés said...

happy new year! loving your style :)
thanks for the comment!


Carmen said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, a happy new year to you, too. I really like the pictures in this post, I´m a follower now :)

Aitana said...

your top looks stunning!!!^^


madzia said...

i love these fruits :)

Andrea Marquez said...

Love your pictures! I want to eat fruits now.

Happy New Year, dear xo-


chloe said...

happy new year to you too, hope your 12 is as great a journey as your 11!
i always forget that australia has a summer christmas, i love the fruity cocktails :) xxx

Sincerely Mally said...

Lovely images. Glad you enjoyed

Wishing you a happy New year!


Anonymous said...

The drinks look like they were great. I too opened up the New Year pretty low key. =D Thanks for stopping by my blog so sweet =D

Lou said...

Happy New Year!!! These photos look great and it looks like you had a great evening.

Lou x

Angela said...

Happy NYs babes! Sounds like we had the same kinda night ;)
Thanks for all the love & comments & support in '11 - hope your '12 is killer!

A x

thecriminallyexpensive said...

Your hair looks great! Congrats on much success in your first year blogging!

Now following your amazing blog on Bloglovin'!



kathy said...

the food looks delicious!
you look gorgeous in these photos
i love your sequin top :)
hope you have a wonderful year

Sarah Bahbah said...

hahah you didn't make it to midnight! i think that would be cool to wake up and it's a new year. I might try it in 013.

photos are cute, is beau your man?

from http://raisedbythewolves.blogspot.com/

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

mine was pretty low key too. LOVE the photos from your NYE though!! at least you spent it with the people you care and love most!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Lorena said...

aw looks like fun! and those fruits look especially fressh and delicious :-)

Hugs from NYC



lucillejoy said...

These are lovely, happy photos and looks like a pretty ideal NYE to me! Those drinks look amazing!


Tiffany said...

gorgeous photos!! sounds like you had a nice new year's. The fruit & those drinks look so delicious :D nice blog!


il était une fois... said...

you look beautiful doll! i had a low key night too, way prefer it like that. nye is beyond overrated. and that drink looks so delish! i want one right now ;)
ps. thanks for all your support and kindness in 2011, means everything babes! Big love! X

Wida said...

You're making me so hungry I just had to stop in the middle of this comment just to get a snack! Haha.

Missing Amsie Blog

Ju said...

Thanks for the nice words! I like your blog and style too...
Looks like a wonderful New Years Eve, love the guy in the sequined vest - so cool :)

Vintagehadhead said...

oh ,wow love your cute lace dress and your wonderful photos,lovely blog <3

Selene said...

thank you for finding me! this post is just a taste...the next one contains amazing pics!
I really love your photos!


Scarlette said...

Great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time!

Scarr xx

Knitted said...

Thanks my dear:) great pictures :))

em.me.ma said...

aww this looks so fun! i worked during new years :(