28 May 2012


I have been a long time fan of Estelle Dévé's handiwork. Bearing a vintage, pre-loved quality, Estelle's jewellery is chunky and geological in the best kind of way. Gearing up for the launch of her SS12/13 range, Egyptian Magic, Estelle Dévé has already carved up a name for herself, garnering success through features in Vogue, Oyster, Nylon and Russh magazines.The French-born Australia-based beauty gave me a few minutes of her time to speak about Egyptian Magic and personal pieces of her own.

B&B: What inspired "Egyptian Magic"?

ED: I've always had a fascination with ancient Egypt, maybe I watched too many Indiana Jones movies as a kid. My little brother moved there last year and I was hoping to go visit him but I didn't get a chance so I started re-reading my books about Egyptian mythology. The ideas from the collection started up from there.

B&B: What is your most loved piece of jewellery and why?

My great grandmother's white gold wedding band. It's very plain and simple but I have worn it every day since she passed away and I couldn't imagine myself without it. Strangely it fits me perfectly, which is amazing knowing that my great grandma was this teeny tiny spanish lady.  
I also inherited my grandma's jewellery box when she passed away and I found a myriad of treasures in there, including my grandfather's watch, which I also cannot take off.

B&B: How do you store your own jewellery?

ED: I wish I could have an amazing answer but it's a bit everywhere really. I collect old boxes and I put all my bits and bobs in them. It's a bit of a mixed bag as you can find some really expensive things along with $2 costume jewellery in the same boxes. 

B&B: Model, celebrity, dead or alive, who do you see as the ultimate icon for Estelle Dévé jewellery?

ED: It's hard to pinpoint one icon. I have a thing for fashionable yet strong working women. I love Natalie Joos, for example. Vic Young, Jen Brill, Lulu Kennedy, Aurora Sansone. Someone a bit tomboyish but sexy at the same time.

B&B: What's next for you? Do you have any new collaborations or other projects in the works?

ED: It's a really busy time for me at the moment as I am trying to expand even more overseas. I'm trying to target the American market and am going there for some appointments and to shoot my campaign in August. I hope it all pans out well!

B&B: When can we can we get our hands on the newest range?

My latest range "Paleozoic Dreams" can be bought on my online store directly, or from any stockists listed on my website

Photography: Ben Simpson / Model: Teisha


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