15 Aug 2012


So the story of the shark tee stems from my longtime love of vintage/kitschy 80s movies tees. (NB: This means pre-Givenchy. I know, I know, ahead of the game). Cue: Gremlins, Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street. That shit gets me weak in the knees. I had for some time contemplated jumping on the Jaws bandwagon but the t-shirts were just too PG - no slobber, no gore. I actually found this one on a website called Aussie Things, dedicated to selling merchandise that's, well, Aussie. And whaddya know? It's Shark Week.


garde said...

love your total top!!!

new look

Laura said...

Lachie would say "raaa" at your tee (yes, according to two year olds that's what sound sharks make!).

Love these photos and those pants are great. x

rachel said...

awesome shirt, love how you've paired it with floral pants! x

-Stephanie said...

This is such a cool shirt! Love the shark. I love how you paired it with these floral pants!

Adrienne said...

you look so freakin cool girlfran ... ol sharktooth is killing it, paired with floral pants makes me wonder WHY i could never get away with this... girl crushing on your cool styles. represaant!