22 Nov 2012


Lottie Hall is the ultimate beach babe. She's tanned, beautiful and blonde and to top it all off, she's part-time Balinese. Actually, I lie. The real tasty topping here is that she's the brains behind her namesake label, Lottie HALL. The aesthetic of the label is not only polished-breezy. Lottie HALL is one of those deeper labels, each piece from a collection bearing its own spirit and telling its own story, be it through intricate batik print or perhaps a perfect disarray of multicoloured leather. Whatever the story is, I want in. 

B&B: As a designer, what would you say is your specialty?

LH: I tend to focus on two categories for Lottie HALL: leather and batik prints. With leather it's always been a major love of mine, personal style-wise (throw on a biker jacket and your outfit's complete) but also because I don't see many Australian labels monopolizing this category. I have always looked to 3.1 Phillip Lim and Acne, even before the label started but my aim is to push the boundaries on classic leather styles. There are only so many ways you can mess with a classic leather jacket but I am trying to push it to the max whilst still keeping it effortless and wearable. Batik prints are a huge specialty of the label. As I produce in Bali, they have amazing skills in their own Indonesian batik printing. I now have some really signature print techniques that people expect from Lottie HALL and that are truly unique.  Plus, all prints are hand designed and/or drawn by myself, creating a little piece of art in each garment.

B&B: A lot of Lottie HALL's aesthetic and designs, particularly in the current collection LUMERIA, bear reference to water and the ocean. Is this a conscious design move? 

LH: It's both. It's definitely an obsession of mine - the beach and water. I have been drawing running waves since I learnt to draw. Also having a high-end, luxe surf label is definitely one of the major motives behind the brand's image. As this was my first summer range for the label I basically just let loose with what I love most - a garishly, summery, watery range inspired by the underwater lost land of Lemuria. 

B&B: If you weren't a fashion designer, what do you think you'd be doing?

LH: I would probably be an artist. I draw the majority of inspiration behind the label from art. I often end up working on canvas when designing. Sometimes I think I missed my calling, but its nice to be able to include the two (design and art) in my ranges.

B&B: Who is one of your style icons and why?

LH: It is so typical but I have to say Erin Wasson and Elin Kling. I love the fine line between stunningly pretty and feminine mixed with a badass tomboyish edge and I think they both nail this combination effortlessly.

B&B: Favourite artist and why?

LH: Kelsey Brookes. He is all about pattern and colour and he's so meticulous and awe-inspiring. He's that artist you see and it just totally locks in with your own aesthetic and you think "I wish I thought of this". 

B&B: What do you like to do in your downtime?

LH: Depends on if I'm in Bali or Melbourne but generally be at the beach, see bands, art, friends and eat Mexican food.

B&B: What can you spill on the AW13 collection?

LH: The Lottie HALL girl steps away from the water and heads inland to a majestic mountain on a spiritual journey. Entitled S H A S T A, the range, in signature Lottie HALL style, oozes our signature leathers, unique knitwear and batik prints but in a darker, more spiritual aesthetic, with prayer flag scripture prints, marble tie-dyes and laser cut leather.

B&B: What do you hope to achieve over the next 5 years?

LH: Honestly just continue to do what we're doing. The label is currently securing some amazing international stockists and showing a lot of promise. Apart from the obvious business side of growth, our other major importance is securing our name as a creative label, designing coveted unique pieces as opposed to following trends and mimicking catwalk fashion.

For more information on Lottie HALL or to get your hands on some ridiculously good cloth, click here.


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