20 Dec 2012


Okay so this is not normally the type of content I would post on Bang & Buck, but it's my blog, so deal with it. I recently came across artist, Nabil Sabio Azadi, who happens to be a good friend of jewellery designer, Estelle Deve. Instantly my mind boggled when I read about Azadi's current creative venture, For You The Traveller. For You The Traveller is an intimate hand-bound travel guide and directory, containing the names, contact numbers and personal lessons of 27 accommodating people from across the globe. The purpose of this book, conceived out of the promotion of "love and trust", is that these 27 people will assist anyone travelling through their region who holds the book, uniting strangers along the way. 

Instantly I was in awe of Azadi and wanted to interview him for my blog. He and his creativity did not cease to impress, requesting that I handwrite the interview questions and mail them to him, and he would answer likewise. Sadly I had a falling out with my scanner so the interview will just be posted in the usual format >:(

B&B: What inspired you to create For You The Traveller

NSA: Looking back, it seems to me that I have always thought of this world as a very kind place but all people need sometimes - I realise as I grow up - is a nudge in the right direction.

B&B: How is the book intended to work?

NSA: The people inside the book For You The Traveller will do what they can for anyone who carries the book in their region, whether it be offering shelter, food, love, guidance or nothing at all (I advise good telephone manner).

B&B: Who are the people in the the book and how did you get them on board? 

NSA: They are from my own travels for the most part - the surprises and cameo appearances that made it something beautiful. The exact kind of person I wanted to be involved was always the exact kind of person who wanted to be involved. 

B&B: Out of all the places you've been, where would love to return to and why? 

NSA: I should use this as an opportunity to practise saying "right here is great".

B&B: Please share with us a lesson learnt in your own life.

NSA: I'll keep it simple and quote my friend Virginia Woolf on this one since it's inexorably true: "The wounded deer jumps the highest". 

For You The Traveller is a limited edition book - only 200 books available. Perf Christmas present I say. Get yours here.

Images via Portable.tv

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