31 Dec 2012


I met a lot of really cool people, did some really whack stuff and made some beautiful new friends. 
I listened to sweet sounds, watched some sick live music and played even sicker shows myself.
I heard my band on the radio. Lots.
I grew.
I spent time with my family, friends, my lover.
 I laughed. A LOT.
I worked really hard, slept Obama hours and drank a buttload of coffee.
I slept in and spoilt myself.
I cried and farewelled kind souls, and remembered those already gone.  
I grew some more.

If I shared Mayan beliefs and/or starred in a John Cusack film and 2012 was indeed the end, fair call to say it was a pretty fucking good year.


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I'm glad that 2012 was good to you! Happy New Year!

Fabliha said...

so gorgeous <3

rachel said...

great post, it certainly sounds like a good year. happy new year x

Sabina said...

Love this photo. And nice to hear that you're feeling good about the year that was. I guess I don't have too many complaints either!