5 Feb 2013


Since the success of eska alikai.'s debut SS13 collection, Micha Dyball (the talent behind it all) has been head-down-bum-up busy working on her AW13 collection, Aeon Flyde, and gearing up for the launch her online store. The sophomore collection is sure to tickle one's fancy, keeping true to the eska alikai. clean and edgy aesthetic whilst exhibiting a new level of maturity. I spoke to Micha about her creative processes, her love of leather and the future direction of eska alikai..

B&B: What's your process when designing a collection? Is it intuitive, do you bounce off other designers or something else? 

MD: I have always designed garments that I would wear myself. I gravitate towards clean simple lines, and always need that feeling of comfort. 

B&B: What was your goal when starting eska alikai.?

MD: I wanted to give life to an idea I had to see if it would work. Letting it grow organically and seeing where this path would lead. 

B&B: What do you think you bring to the leather realm that's different to other designers? 

MD: I try to add an element of uniqueness in all my pieces; something that makes each individual garment a statement on its own, but also clean cut and classic to wear back with other pieces. I am all about simple, timeless clothing. 

B&B: Is there a piece or an item of clothing you would like to see produced in leather?

MD: There is a piece I’m working on for my Summer [2014] collection that I’m really excited about putting into production…Stay tuned! 

B&B: What was the inspiration behind the upcoming AW13 collection? 

MD: Aeon Flyde was inspired by Scandinavian wilderness, extracting facets of raw earth, snow, nature and clean cut winter elements. 

B&B: Who do you look to for personal style inspiration? 

MD: Elin Kling and Emmanuelle Alt. 

B&B: What are your goals for eska alikai. in the future? 

MD: Working with different fabrics, evolving the collections to have more of a broad range of textures.

eska alikai. is currently stocked at select boutiques across Australia and will be available to purchase from www.eskaalikai.com.au in early March 2013.


fran said...

her work is amazing


the creation of beauty is art. said...

This is a great interview. It's always nice to hear from designers.

Michelle Jiafang said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!