14 Mar 2013


fallenBROKENstreet hat, Topshop blouse, Lee jacket (something similar here), old skirt (similar here)

I get sorta cranky with the transition from Summer to Autumn, so what better way to encourage said transition, and get into the Autumn spirit, than with a new hat! I am not normally a hat person (I have know idea why not, since they are a godsend for hiding that tenacious regrowth). Perhaps I'm worried about hat hair? Given the hats that I've found at fallenBROKENstreet are pretty much on the money in every aspect imaginable, I probably won't need to worry about consequential hat hair as they won't ever be coming off!

In keeping with things that are awesome in Autumn, the MBFWA schedule was released today. Sad that Dion Lee and Gooty won't be showing, but still pretty flipping excited to see some of my faves like Romance Was Born, Christopher Esber and KAHLO, who are debuting their own show (!!!)


fran said...

spectacular pics. this sun give a special touch to the pics


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Embrace the hat! Love it. Meanwhile; MBFWA HELLS YEAH GURL.

A x

rachel said...

the hats suits you so well! gorgeous x