20 Mar 2013


She's talented, innovative and inspirational. She's also ridiculously gorgeous and lovely. It's no surprise that I'm a massive fan of artist-meets-designer, Paula Walden. Last Tuesday night I was privileged enough to attend a little launch soirée suh-in suh-in, which was also an exhibition of Paula's latest collection Curve. It was intimate and cosy, spent amongst some friendly and familiar faces, served with a side of AWESOME SPREAD (figs, prosciutto, a giant slab of honey, what have you). The exhibition also housed some of Paula's previous work, together with her divine Calligra rings (she's done all 26 letters of the alphabet, yo!) and photographs from her collaboration with the INSANE Georges Antoni

Paula Walden is far too underrated for my liking so be sure to check out her website here.

Images via Citizens of the World and my own

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