25 Mar 2013


Meet Rebecca, Jane and Bree. Together they make three. Three Of Something is their collective label, only 1 year young. Not surprisingly, the label possesses three times the creative drive and skill, and packs three times the punch. Their designs are fresh and modern and everyday wearable, appropriate for any girl no matter their chosen style.  The thing that I really like about the Three Of Something girls is that they appear to be very much engrossed and in tune with their clientele and the fashion realm they're immersed in, whilst staying true to their instincts.

I spoke to the belles behind the brand to find out more about this intriguing label and what makes them tick...

B&B: Tell us the story of how you three met and how Three Of Something was born. 

TOS: We were lucky enough to cross paths in past jobs and all admired each other’s talents in different areas of the industry. Then with some luck, good timing and a whole lot of hard work, it all came together and the rest is history… 

B&B: The label has already received such a great response in its freshman year. Do you feel like there's any pressure in living up to peoples expectations of the label? 

TOS: Absolutely. The more supporters you get, the more you are worried about disappointing them. I think if we just follow our gut instinct and don’t stop to question everything too much, that’s when the magic happens. Fashion is based on instinct, knowing what people want and how they are wearing it. 

B&B: What is the inspiration behind the March/Autumn 2013 range, Fires Of The Heart

TOS: It’s inspired by old Japanese love stories. It features amazing ombre embroideries, rich oriental influenced paisleys and tile prints. The collection features a palette of graphite, jade, winter coral and rubine red.

B&B: Take us through the process of designing a collection. Are there any hurdles you've encountered? 

TOS: Every collection starts with a great story and then we choose prints and techniques in reflection of this. It’s a great way to design, as every month we can get new inspiration from a theme down to detailing, colour palettes and campaign shoots. The only problem is sometimes we can get too excited - you can only put so many ideas into one collection! 

B&B: What are the benefits of working in a trio? 

TOS: I think its great to have a collective pool of talent. Everyone’s background in the industry is very different so we are stronger as a three than we would be apart. 

B&B: What have been some of the highlights since starting Three Of Something

TOS: I think seeing our clothes in store and on people is always such a buzz.

B&B: Who or what are you current inspirations when it comes to style? 

TOS: I love looking at street style blogs and Fashion Week behind the scenes shoots. My blogroll is mammoth and it can consume many hours a day keeping up with it! 

B&B: What do you have planned for 2013? 

TOS: 2013 is going to be a big year. First Birthday celebrations, new ventures and new lands…watch this space!

Images via Three Of Something


Shannon Boyce said...

They sound like a wonderful company! This is a fantastic interview.

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

such an awesome interview! its great to interact with such people