4 Apr 2013


Nothing excites my bizniss more than when really awesome and talented people come together to collaborate. One of my newest favourite labels, Winston Wolfe, have teamed up with amazeballs photog, Pierre Toussaint to shoot their latest campaign starring blonde belle, Miriam Adler. The campaign captures and enhances the new collection immaculately, set in what looks like a boudoir meets city hotel suite, with big mirrors and muchos boobs. And in terms of the collection itself, Winston Wolfe doesn't just tick all the right boxes - it tears the shit out of them. Featuring more croc-embossed leather and cutout harness-style detailing, I cannot wait for this collection to drop.

These are some photos from the campaign launch at Luxe Studios the other night, featuring ultra babes Pip Edwards, Tanja Gacic and the goddess behind Wintson Wolfe, Kristie Kahler. Not to mention my gorg mates Jaharn of Mr Weekender and Shannon from Desordre

Images via Life Without Andy and my own


Render Sublime said...

I agree... all boxes have had the shit torn out of them. omg does that sound weird? haha Anyway, yes I agree their collection is amazing xxx

Fabliha said...

You looked gorgeous on the night babe! I can't wait to see the new Winston Wolfe campaign photos xx