8 May 2013


Maurie & Eve blouse and pants, rmk shoes, Michael Kors watch, cheap sunglasses (others here)

Crushing hard on matching two-piece sets and co-ords lately. They're so effortless (cos you're pretty much just repping the PJs vibe) yet still so slick.  In this Maurie & Eve get-up I could totally just sip Strawberry Daiquiris on my yacht all year long. Except I don't have a yacht. And I'd just be drunk all the time and would never get anything done. 
I'll just wear this in my real life. That works.


rachel said...

love co-ords, you look fantastic. so simple and chic x

Render Sublime said...

Your hair is amazing I love the colour on you. And I love suiting too! I would wear suity things a lot more if I had more matching pieces!

render sublime

bon. said...

those pants are awesome. the whole matchy matchiness rocks but i'm really digging those pants :)