14 Aug 2013


I've long been an admirer of Kermit Tesoro's work ever since that now famous picture of his skull heel boots surfaced on the internet (Google image "skull heels", you'll know the ones). The young, budding designer from the Philippines has accomplished so much between now and then, including dressing pop and electro poster girls, Lady Gaga and Grimes.  It's hard not to love Kermit Tesoro with his daring, goth-influenced skull motifs and raw, biologically-inclined designs. Plus, there's a strong essence of McQueen (awww) throughout his work which is a mega plus in my book. 

B&B: How would you describe what you do? 

KT: I'm just vomiting out my creativity. 

B&B: How did your journey into design begin? 

KT: I've always been a visual person ever since I was a kid and since I have so many things in mind, I wanted to create my own visuals.

B&B: What do you enjoy designing most and why?

KT: My own outfits. Haha. Seriously, I enjoy designing different forms of human silhouette and shoe heels. I also like to doodle and paint random images depending on how I wake up. 

B&B: There always seems to be an element of the anatomical throughout your collections and designs. What is it about human anatomy and skulls that inspires you? 

KT: There's just something taboo about our body that we don't wish to be exposed. I don't know if it's just me but I find these things to be one of the most convenient references when I employ my design execution, since it's already inside us - literally. 

B&B: How did Lady Gaga come to wear your designs? 

KT: Oh it's a journey. It started with my first skull heel design. Long story short, I was approached by her stylist and the rest is history.

B&B: If you could have anyone else wear Kermit Tesoro, who would you choose? 

KT: Since I'm doing this interview, it would be impolite not to say you :) 

B&B: What's one of your favourite pieces that you designed? 

KT: I owe it to the skull heels. 

B&B: Some of the highlights of your career so far? 

KT: Every work, no matter who, what and where, they're all equally loved.

B&B: Something you can't live without? 

KT: Love. 

B&B: Something you can't live with? 

KT: Stress. 

B&B: Your best piece of advice for other aspiring artists and designers would be? 

KT: Take liberty and don't get involved too much. 

B&B: What's next in the pipeline for you? 

KT: I'm still blushing to know.

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