1 Feb 2014


You ought to know who Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are. That is unless, of course, you have been volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia for the last few years with very limited internet access. Everyone else: no excuses. The duo need no introduction, but in brief, their extremely popular inspiration-themed blog, They All Hate Us, has proven to be a stand out favourite amongst all fashion blog-hoppers across the globe.  Last year the girls launched their online store, They All Hate Us Style Shop, giving their readers a place to shop their personal wardrobe must-haves. I caught up generally with Tash and Elle and to find out more about this venture...  

B&B: What gave you the idea to start the They All Hate Us Style Shop?

EF: Tash and I have always been so passionate about what we love and it transcends through our wardrobe. Right from the beginning of They All Hate Us we would get asked where we got what we were wearing so overtime the idea grew to create a destination that housed what we love to wear.

TS: We noticed that there was so much choice in the market and it was really confusing for our readers to know what to buy. A striped tee, "but which one do I buy?" we heard over again. Being both from retail (I have been a buyer for over 10 years and Elle a merchandiser and stylist), we felt we could help our readers by simplifying what people need in their wardrobe. Easy and simple and then showing them how to wear it.

B&B: Who does the They All Hate Us Style Shop cater to?

TS: Everyone! We have customers of all ages from all over the world! It's amazing. 

B&B: You've developed one of Australia's most successful fashion blogs, you're involved in Vogue's Spy Style, front row at Fashion Week and now the They All Hate Us Style Shop on top of your other day jobs! Reveal secret now!

EF: Multi-tasking and loving what you're doing.

TS: Coffee, a very patient husband, the buzz it gives you and working along side my best friend - seriously amazing.

B&B: You girls seem to destined for world domination, but in the interim, do you have any other exciting projects in the in the works?

EF: Yes we do. We have some very, very exciting things that we are working on but can't tell you just yet!

B&B: Who are your favourite labels?

EF: Of course BabyAnything, Oneteaspoon, Bassike, Scanlan & Theodore, Celine, Balmain... The list goes on.

TS: Scanlan & Theodore, any denim label (I'm addicted to denim): J Brand, Current Elliott, Paige, Oneteaspoon. Givenchy, Celine, Isabel Marant... High-end mixed with low... I could list so many more! 

B&B: Dream jobs?

EF: Finding the cure for cancer.

TS: I'm living it.

B&B: Highlight of your career so far?

EF: Blog-related I would have to say creating something that people love with my best friend.

TS: I always thought my past job was my career highlight (head of womenswear for General Pants) but now this is another level of high - turning my hobby into a business with the best girl ever!

B&B: Something you're yet to do or accomplish?

EF: Sign the lease to the They All Hate Us new office!

TS: Sit front row at a Chanel parade. 

B&B: A bit of dirt or something you know that we don't know about each other? 

EF: Tash's full name is Natasha and mine is Elleshia so when we are being a bit silly we call each other by our full names and have a good old laugh!

TS: Elleshia and I sometimes are so busy we get changed for red carpet events in our car then walk in like we have been getting ready for hours. 

B&B: Best bit of advice you've learnt?

EF: Trust in you.

TF: My dad always says "if you don't love what you are doing, change it".


Shannon Boyce said...

They are absolutely lovely and so stylish! This interview is wonderful :)

Amy said...

So good! Love them.